Caught in the act by a Private Investigator

Cheating and Infidelity

Roger (not his real name) was a middle-aged man who we came to know as an adulterous husband. He was bored in his 6-year marriage. His wife Georgia (not her real name) had long since lost interest in sex. Ever since their second daughter was born, she was exhausted and feeling unattractive. Roger needed something new and exciting.

It was around the time that Roger’s second daughter was born that a new office assistant, Anne (also not her real name), started at his office (how cliché, you are thinking, right?). This spunky young blonde assistant was just barely in her twenties and had all of the vigor and energy that Roger’s wife once had.

It started with innocent flirting between Roger and Anne. Casual talks by the water cooler turned into deeper, more intimate discussions. They occasionally went for lunch together and discussed everything from work to kids to future goals.

Eventually, the inevitable happened. Roger and Anne drank too much at a company retreat and ended up back in her hotel room. Roger was hooked. Anne was young and vivacious and ready to try almost anything. Anne found Roger smart, charismatic and it didn’t hurt that he could buy her expensive gifts. The two began a most sordid affair. There were late night text messages, sexy emails and secret rendezvous, which Roger masked as “working late”.

Of course Georgia was no fool. She became suspicious at the office Christmas party when she saw the way Anne looked at Roger. She also heard the telltale “click click click” of Roger texting someone late at night from behind the bathroom door. She confronted Roger but he denied it, telling her instead that she was just paranoid.

Georgia called a private investigation service. The PI handling her case followed Roger around for only two days before he hit pay dirt. He followed Roger and Anne to a fancy restaurant located just outside of town, where they cuddled and fed each other pasta. He then watched Anne and Roger check into a cheap motel for a few hours.

What the investigator found was unfortunately typical of cheating spouse cases. When the investigator presented this evidence to Georgia, she was unnaturally calm. She only confirmed what she already knew: Roger was cheating. She immediately filed for divorce.

It’s a sad reality that men and women cheat on their partners. Some estimate that as much as 40% of men have extra-marital relations

The reasons cited are usually boredom, evolution or they aren’t as attracted to their partners anymore. No matter the reason, being cheated on isn’t an easy pill to swallow. In fact, it is grounds for divorce.

Don’t waste any more of your youth or your time on an unfaithful spouse. If you have suspicions (read some of the common signs on our website, don’t hesitate to consult one of our private investigators. Our qualified surveillance team will either confirm your suspicions or hopefully put your mind at ease.

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