Can Private Investigators Obtain Cell Phone Records?

By February 23, 2010cell phone records

Private Investigators Can Not Legally Obtain Cell Phone Records

Cell phone records – We receive numerous calls a day, from people in hopes of obtaining cell phone / text message records.  Please be aware that it is illegal to do so, and any private investigator practicing this technique to obtain information is doing something illegal, that will not help you in court.  Sen. Chuck Schumer, a New York Democrat, proposed legislation H.R. 4709: Law Enforcement and Phone Privacy Protection Act of 2006, and S. 2178: Consumer Telephone Records Protection Act of 2006, both passed committee. This law has made it no longer possible to legally purchase such information (cell phone bills).  Please be aware that unless you are the actual owner of the phone and you can prove it, cell phone bills are unobtainable.

Many Cheaters Use Throw-Away-Phones

New York private investigator Darrin Giglio tells us that in any case, “Using cell phone bill records to obtain crucial information in an investigation is also outdated, because many cheating spouses now use a throw-away-phone.”  These are cheap disposable phones that can cost as low as $10 to purchase.  One can purchase minutes as they use the phone, and there is no billing information or accounts linked to the actual telephone number.

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