Cheating Spouses and Signs You Should Be Looking For

What is Infidelity?

The institution of marriage, unfortunately in some cases, loses it’s meaning after a few years and all that remains is a shell of what once was. Partners grow distant, the feelings they had for one another start disappearing, and they must decide whether to stay or leave. And the most prominent reason of a bitter marriage is undoubtedly infidelity. Infidelity is a situation when one of the spouses cheats on his/her partner with another man or woman.

When one partner goes outside the boundaries of their sacred relationship for either emotional or physical needs, the other partner suffers the havoc of emotional trauma and grief that can never be measured. There are a plenty of reasons why people cheat but usually the act of cheating is done without giving any thoughts i.e. it is an impulsive decision to begin with and develops like a habit just like one gets into a bad company or starts smoking, so if not checked initially, it can scar one’s married life forever.

People cheat for many reasons, the first reason may be lack of emotional space from their partner which can become common in long lasting relationships. As a result, the other person feels ignored and tries to explore other options. The second reason for infidelity could be lack of physical space or lack of physical intimacy.

Most cheaters leave signs of their immoral acts while others outsmart their spouses and never get caught. However, we are here to guide you about the most commonplace signs of cheating that your spouse may divulge. Have a close look at our list and see how you can catch a cheater:

Is he spending the holidays out of town?

The first thing to look for with a potential cheating spouse is if he/she is planning to spend holidays with you or not. If not, then it should definitely be a big warning sign. These are some of the most special times of the year and if your spouse has better things to do than spending time with you or the rest of your family, then my dear you should definitely start worrying.

Is your spouse buying any secretive gifts for someone you don’t know?

Your spouses’ gifts might not always be for you, so keep a close watch on what he/she is buying and for whom. Cheaters can easily get away during the holidays and Christmas times by saying that they have to buy gifts for each and every one around, but one should keep a close eye on their spouse to know what they are buying and for whom.

Has your spouse taken out a new credit card or opened a new bank account?

A new credit card or a new bank account is one of the clearest signs of infidelity in a marriage. A new credit card could mean your spouse is spending money on his new flame especially if the credit card bills land up in a place other than your house or office. So, keep a check on his/her spouse’s financial activities as they could give clear signs of a cheating spouse.

Is your spouse glued to his/her phone like never before?

This is definitely a sign you should start worrying about your marriage. Cell phones can be a cheater’s partner best friend because of who is on the other end. If your spouse has started to guard his/her phone and is continuously glued to it, that means something is fishy! If your spouse starts sleeping with the phone under the pillow or takes the cell phone in the shower or resets the password to his/her phone lock, this should be a clear indication something is not right.

Just be careful about installing sypware or trying to track your wife’s phone without her knowing.  There are risks to this.

There are numerous signs of a cheating spouse, but just knowing the signs of cheating won’t help you to save your marriage. It requires much more than vigilance and caution, all these signs indicate that something is not right in a relationship and it means your marriage requires attention and communication.

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