Gameover Zeus Malware: Is your computer infected?

By August 7, 2014Identity Theft

We’ve all heard about it on the news.  The attention brought to the Heartbleed blug and the 1.2 billion passwords being stolen even in the last few days. These security breaches are becoming more, and more common.  And now, the Gameover Zeus Malware Attack has been brought to our attention.


Gameover Zeus is a very sophisticated kind of malware, which was uncovered by a huge international investigation. The malware program consists of a criminal network with connected personal computers that are working in unison to steal information. And your computer could be one of them, without you even knowing it. If that’s the case, and your device has been compromised, the malware proceeds to scan documents on your computer that have financial or unique information. If it finds none, it will then install the Cryptolocker that locks your computer’s content and threatens to delete them forever unless you will pay to get it back.


On the 2nd of June, Europol, FBI, and National Crime Agency of the United Kingdom announced they had determined the Gameover Zeus’ source. They said that users of Windows must install the necessary antivirus software to protect their personal information. Evegeniy Bogachey, a citizen of Russia, is said to be the main suspect, but he still remains at large and it still not clear how many people are involved in the attack.


What You Should Do


First things first, change all of your passwords.  Especially with the recent news that 1.2 billion passwords have been compromised worldwide. 


Now, If you are not using Windows, you can relax and sit comfortably. However, for those laptop and desktop computer systems purchased across the world running linux or os, heed caution. If you have anti-malware applications, update them and check with the provider of your anti-malware services. If you don’t have any anti-malware protection, you should install one. Malwarebytes and AVG are good choices.

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