How Much do Private Investigators Make?

If you’re in search of private investigative services, one crucial question you should always be asking when shopping around is “How much does a private investigator cost?”.  Some quotes might not always be fair so lookout for companies that overcharge with exorbitant private investigator fees.

Private detectives usually make their clients pay an hourly fee, while others might supply flat-price packages for a background investigation or other investigation.  Usually, each case is completely different and that fee is subject to change.

Below, we’ve outlined a few necessary components that can help a personal investigator when quoting you.


Just skilled service corporations, the charges of completely different investigative companies will differ depending on the case at hand.

A non-public investigator retained for an intricate investigation with a whole lot of money at stake will price you higher for a surveillance investigation that takes place overseas than a simple background check on your nanny.  When it comes private investigations, the services vary depending directly upon how intricate the clients requests are.


Are you looking for information on a person with a criminal record, or is there one thing in an individual’s past that might doubtlessly damage that individual’s credibility?

If you’re searching for one singular item of info to discredit somebody, you might have to be extremely thorough. This will add to the cost of any investigation you wish to conduct.

Area and Region

Rates fluctuate depending on the state the investigation will be conducted in and how far investigators or field agents will have to travel.

For instance, a field agent in “South Hampton, NY” could cost twice as much if you were to higher an investigator in the metro New York City.  Depending on where the investigation is taking place and the location of the private investigator, your case can become pricey.  Which is why we suggest hiring a company with multiple location across the United States.  It may save you money in the long run.

Distinguished New York investigative corporations can charge their clients upwards of 600 dollars an hour.


Private investigator fees for agents fluctuate extensively, from lower than $100 per hour to greater than $600.

Ultimately, private eyes are employed to seek out info that can assist you in making extra knowledgeable choices along with providing you with data you can use however you please despite the cost.

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