How to Hire the Right Private Investigators

Hire a Private Investigator that is Reputable

How to hire a private detectiveFor a private investigation firm, the necessity for confidentiality between us and our clients is vital. Prior to hiring a private investigator, the client should always verify certain information with the company they are looking to hire so as to obtain the proper results. Ask yourself and the investigators to make sure that your case is in the right hands of confidential, discreet private investigators.

Make Sure they Specialize in the Service You Need

Make sure the private investigator you are hiring specializes in the case you are looking to conduct. For instance, when hiring a detective who works on homicide cases, make sure they are retired law enforcement from a homicide division with high success rates. If you are looking to conduct surveillance, ask for video samples. If you are looking to conduct a background check, make sure the firm does not query out of date resources and that the facts are current. Above all, make sure that you check references for the case you are looking to do, so you can see if the company you are hiring was confidential and discreet with previous clients cases.

Ask the Private Investigation Firm You are Hiring for References

Ask if their firm maintains experts in specialized fields on staff. Darrin Giglio, a Manhattan private investigator, says: “You absolutely want to make sure you hire a private detective with experience and proven results in your required field.” Choosing who to pick is a matter of sensitivity of case and the set of skills or knowledge it may require from the private investigator. See what kind of experience the private investigator you might hire has, in order to decide if they best fit what you are looking for.

•Clarify with the PI what state the surveillance will be in. Make sure the he or she is licensed and bonded in that state and able to conduct surveillance there.

• Verify that the only persons with access to your personal information will be those assigned to work on your case.

• Make sure they will never send anything in your file to be copied at a commercial copy service center.

•See if the company you are hiring has 24/7 accessibility. Are they able to accommodate case requests at unconventional hours? Do you receive reports in a timely fashion?

•Verify the private detective you are hiring is trained to only employ ethical and morally correct action.

•Above all, make sure the case is confidential and the company you hire has a strong privacy policy. Ask the company how they ensure their clients’ anonymity and the confidentiality of personal information. Always call a firm’s references.

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