Infidelity: Statistics Across the U.S.

By February 9, 2013infidelity

Statistics of Infidelity in the United States Don’t Lie

If you are married and suspect that your husband or wife cheated on you, hiring a private investigator may be the most difficult decision you will ever make. Make no mistake about it—one of the most common reasons why women and men stay with cheaters is because they fail to take decisive action.

Has my husband or wife cheated on me?

This is why it is imperative to hire a private investigator to find out the truth and gather evidence. Large cities like New York City and Los Angeles are definitely cities of temptation, as there are millions of people within the city constantly making new connections. Unfortunately large cities are not the only places that have vast infidelity problems nowadays because the fact is that much of the world is online and making friends of friends through social media! The temptation will always be there. What matters is how your spouse responds. The newest statistics suggest that as many as 50% of all married men cheat and over 80% of those cheaters will lie to your face.  One can only wonder why men and women have affairs and many reasons arise from problems within their relationship.

Get the Evidence You Need

If you see signs of cheating, it may leave only one option: hiring a private detective. It’s no use to take on the assignment yourself, since a cheating spouse will sense your distrust and make every effort to convince you that you’re being unreasonable even making you believe you are crazy and paranoid. On the other hand, when a private investigator works for you, you are dealing with incontestable proof. Whether it’s video surveillance, physically following a subject, electronic surveillance or even vehicle tracking, a private detective can present to you conclusive evidence of your spouse’s guilt or innocence.

The Infidelity statistics are in.  We’ve found out that every year 10 percent of spouses admit to cheating, why women have affairs, and why men most commonly cheat.  This data ranges from celebrities, to politicians, and the average joe.  Check out our info-graphic below to learn more.

Infidelity Statistics Across the US (infographic)

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