Top Signs of a Cheating Spouse

By February 16, 2016cheating spouse, infidelity

Till death do us part just doesn’t have the meaning it used to. Unfortunately, infidelity has become all too common among couples today. Whether it is physical or emotional, the act of cheating is extremely painful to the faithful party. Everyone hopes that his or her relationship is strong, but in reality, the likelihood of a spouse cheating has increased significantly. There are many “tells” that can help you catch a cheater. What are some signs your spouse is cheating on you? Let’s find out.

cheating spouse

1. Erratic behavior

You and your spouse will usually know everything there is to know about each other. You have been with this person and know how they think, how they react, and most of all, how they act around you when no one is watching. Erratic behavior can elude to many things, including changes in personality, increased interest in appearance, breaking away from one’s usual routine, and seeming uncomfortable around you. If you suddenly can’t see the person you fell in love with, there may be infidelity happening.

2. Paranoia Around Electronics

In this day and age, every person is online. Online dating sites or “hook up” sites have increased in number and have made the act of finding a way to cheat easier. The recent Ashley Madison Scandal can attest to this. If your spouse seems paranoid about someone else using his/her phone, or routinely deletes all messages and emails, it could be that they are trying to hide something. Everyone is entitled to their privacy, but if that privacy involves cheating on their spouse, then that spouse has the right to know. (And, yes, you can track your wife’s phone without her knowing, but that doesn’t make it a good idea.)

3. Intimacy Issues

The most private time a couple can spend together can also reveal signs that one participant is being unfaithful. The complete lack of interest in being intimate with one’s husband or wife usually means they are getting it from somewhere else. Another thing to watch out for is if your spouse suddenly requests kinky or other erotic activity that you have never participated in before, probably having learned it from someone else.

4. Money Issues

If you notice that your spouse is being secretive about spending money, there might be a problem. Taking credit cards out or making large purchases without telling your spouse is very suspicious.  Money trouble is one of the biggest reasons marriages fail, but it can also be attributed to infidelity. Check your bank statements regularly.

5. Your Friends Are Convinced

Your friends are friends for a reason. You trust them and know that they care about you and your happiness. If one or more of your friends is convinced your spouse is cheating, it is worth looking into. Many times a romantic relationship can blind you, so having an outside perspective can be beneficial in noticing the cracks in a marriage. When your friends are genuinely concerned, trust them and find out the truth.

If you have the slightest sense that your spouse is cheating, find out. Cheating is despicable and the only thing worse than finding out your spouse has been unfaithful is being strung along and made to look foolish. If you see the signs your spouse is cheating, trust your gut and find some answers.

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