Cheating Around the Holidays

By December 23, 2009cheating spouse

Am I being cheated on?

Holiday-Cheating-SpouseHolidays and Cheating – the two go hand in hand.  Though it is a season where most of us look forward to family time and spreading the holiday cheer, many times, the intrusion of infidelity turns the holidays into feelings of being paranoid, stressed, and ultimately, lonely.

For some of our readers, this may be the first holiday they where they feel their world has been turned upside down. Worried your husband is not really going to a holiday party?  Or maybe he is, but did not invite you this year due to “cutbacks”?  Is your wife saying she is going shopping, but is never coming home with any shopping bags?  During the holiday season, our infidelity private investigators see cheating carried out in various ways.

For other readers, this season can be the painstaking reminder of what happened the year before.  Overcoming marital issues is difficult any time of the year, but especially, during a family oriented season.  The holidays are a very common time for one to discover their spouses infidelity.  During these times, says New York private investigator Darrin Giglio, “the cheater tries to balance family and another lover, resulting in missed money, gifts found that are not for you, and longer absences more than usual.”

How to Deal with Cheating During the Holidays

Here are some suggestions to deal with loneliness and infidelity issues during the holidays:

    1. Focus on the joy of the season, and for those whom it is an important religious time, let as much of your focus center on the true meaning.
    2. Work hard to not let those who have hurt us take away that which once brought us joy.  They may have destroyed a marriage, but did not destroy the meaning of the holidays.
    3. Find new meanings for the season: Make new memories with those who you still trust and you know you can depend on. Remember your children, parents, siblings, cousins, and closest friends.  Remember that they did not deceive you and many of them are still there for you.
    4. When you look at a symbol of the holidays, let it take over you, not in sorrow but in its true meaning.
    5. Think of the smells of the season, what a wonderful nostalgia they bring. The smell of fresh cut food, pumpkin pie, cinnamon, holly, and spiced cider. Those joys are with you and always will be. 
    6. Think of others, remember that you are not alone and there are people who understand and care about you and want you to find peace and freedom from the hurt.
    7. Eat yourself silly.
    8. If you are with kids, make the season about them – not you.
    9. Walk around your neighborhood (or any one with lots of lights) and enjoy the beauty of it all.
    10. Call someone you care about and have not seen for years and tell them how you miss them and wish them a happy holiday.
    11. Dress up and go to a party – any party!
    12. Ultimately, enjoy the season. Remember you are living for you now, not someone else.
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