How to Catch a Cheating Boyfriend

By September 9, 2011cheating boyfriend

Don’t Let Your Boyfriend Cheat Behind Your Back

It’s hard to find a good man, isn’t it ladies?  Startling marriage statistics (quoted in Newsweek among other sources) reveal that 50% of all married men cheat and 81% will lie about it.  How much more likely is it that a single man, who is not even married, will cheat on his steady girlfriend?  It’s about time you think about hiring a private investigator.

Remember that even some men who are not married may feel tempted to cheat on a girlfriend.  Without the commitment of marriage or engagement, men are more inclined to “follow the breeze” and flirt with others when their live-in girlfriend is absent.  Another question to consider is this: How easy is it for a man to cheat?  Very, considering the popularity of raves, bars, cheap motels, social media sites and friends of friends who don’t respect boundaries!

They’ll Never Expect a Private Investigator

However,  a cheating boyfriend will not count on how savvy you are, and will certainly not be expecting to be followed by a private detective.  A private investigator may offer assistance with tracking a boyfriend through computer tracking, phone tapping, on-foot tracking or even video surveillance.  A private investigator must be skilled at his or her job, and must easily blend in to the background so that the subject is not tipped off.

Using a private investigator in Connecticut will let you uncover the indisputable truth.  Either your boyfriend is completely innocent or he will be caught red-handed.  Once you present hard evidence of his infidelity, most men will crack and confess their cheating.  However, it takes an experienced private detective in Connecticut to produce that evidence for you.

It’s not wise to pursue marriage with someone who is going to cheat on you even while living together.  A man that cannot be honest about these things may very well be a serial cheater, dooming you to a marriage of distrust and unhappiness.  Find out the truth and hire a private detective!

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