Options for Dealing with Marital Infidelity

By October 8, 2010infidelity

Cope With Infidelity if You Want Your Marriage to Succeed

Infidelity within a marriage can be one of the most difficult moments in life a man or woman can go through. The rush of painful emotions: the rage, confusion, resentment, pain, and yearning for revenge are all normal components of dealing with an unfaithful spouse. There is hope for affair recovery and there are options available to those who have the miserable and incredibly painful misfortune of having to understand and overcome marital infidelity. Affairs within a marriage have become an all-too common occurrence, resulting in devastating statistics that predict over 68% of married individuals will deal with some form of infidelity in their relationship. A response is going to be required whether it’s learning how to survive an affair or file for a divorce. Amidst all the heartache and pain, additional agonizing topics and subjects will have to be breached in order to move forward by surviving an affair.

Options for Dealing with Infidelity

After the affair, there are a variety of options and decisions that must commence immediately. Is the marriage salvageable? Is overcoming infidelity a viable option to you? Do both partners want to attempt to save the relationship, or has the unfaithfulness created an irrevocable chasm between both partners, resulting in the need for a separation or a divorce? The first step in moving toward some semblance of conclusiveness regarding the affair is to decide whether or not the marriage can recover, and whether or not both people within the marriage want to move forward to getting over an affair.

Divorce is the Most Common Option

If, after the initial confrontation and the difficult aftermath, one or both partners believe the relationship is unsalvageable, contacting an attorney to better understand one’s legal options is the next best action. Individual states have different legal ramifications and laws pertaining to infidelity within a marriage, with most states having no-fault divorce regulations in effect. However, infidelity can give judges discretion when presiding over a divorce case and when considering marital assets, spousal support, child custody and other settlement issues. There are few states that offer an “alienation of affection” law that allows a civil suit to be brought against the cheating spouse’s significant other; however, these laws are not active in most states.

Reevaluate Your Marriage with a Legal Separation of Marriage

Darin Giglio, a veteran Manhattan private investigator, reminds us that if divorce seems too extreme, there are options in learning how to deal with infidelity. You can file for a legal separation of marriage, enabling both people within the marriage to take time off and make the best choices based on the current situation. This allows a cushion of time that enables both individuals to reevaluate the relationship and make informed, conscious decisions about the future of the marriage.

In any case, conferring with an attorney can offer a plethora of sound legal advice that can help part the waters of confusion, and can offer participants added information about alternatives, options, opportunities and sometimes just good advice.

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