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Celebrity Custody Battles: Tyrese Gibson vs. Norma Gibson

Who should get custody of their child?  Child custody battles are one of the most unfortunate fallouts of a divorce. When a couple can’t reach an agreement about child custody, the case can end up in courts. It can get complicated and nasty as each parent claims that they are the “better” parent. After looking at both […]

Has America Become Too Militarized?

A few incidents that took place in Oakland, Seattle, Los Angeles, New York and Massachusetts over the last few years depict a picture of America’s Police becoming too militarized. The American police have started applying the tactics of soldiers at war in situations where the opposition involves the everyday American citizen. With the growing crime […]

‘Jimmy Carter believes U.S. is spying on him’

Jimmy Carter, the former president of the United States of America believes that his country’s own intelligence agencies are spying on him. In a recent interview with NBC’s Andrea Mitchell, Carter expressed his doubts over the ongoing actions of the National security Agency of USA. The 39th president of America has expressed his apprehensions over […]

‘Secret Service Agents Sent Home After Night of Drinking’.

Another incident involving misconduct by secret service agents came to light this week when 3 agents responsible for the security of US president Barack Obama were sent home. According to sources, the three agents involved in this incident reached the Netherlands two days before the arrival of the US president and went to Huis Ter […]

The Gadgets of Tomorrow

EDWARD SNOWDEN: What we Know and His Road Ahead

Edward Joseph Snowden is an American citizen born in the year 1983 who was known to be a computer specialist in the United States.  He was employed initially, by the Central Intelligence Agency and later, even by the National Security Agency in the United States. On the 5th of June 2013, Snowden marked an important […]

Which Fictional Detective are You?

Private Investigators have been used in crime stories for ages.  From Sherlock Holmes to Magnum PI. Find out which one you are!

How to Protect your Online Identity

Though the use of the internet has many benefits, it can also serve as a tool for criminals to victimize innocent individuals. If you frequently use the internet, you will have to ensure your safety at all times. Today, criminals have their own way of stealing credit card information, creating fraudulent charges, and obtaining personal […]

Cheating Spouses and Signs You Should Be Looking For

  The institution of marriage, unfortunately in some cases, loses it’s meaning after a few years and all that remains is a shell of what once was. Partners grow distant, the feelings they had for one another start disappearing, and they must decide whether to stay or leave. And the most prominent reason of a […]

The Five Best James Bond Gadgets

  Every woman wants him, every man wants to be him, the quintessential spy, fashion icon, and tech trailblazer, Ian Flemming’s iconic character has left an indelible impression on us all. Yes, of course, we’re referring to the James Bond. Whether he’s escaping an avalanche in a bubble suit or swimming underwater with a sophisticated breathing apparatus, 007 has […]