“Catch a Cheater” Apps: Do They Help in a Divorce Case?

Catch a cheater apps - do they help a divorce case?Do you suspect your wife of having a little something on the side when she files for divorce? Maybe your husband came home smelling like some other woman’s perfume after work one day, then started talking about separation or “taking a break.” Perhaps you are thinking of using one of those “Catch a Cheater” apps found on the Internet to investigate a little further, but will it actually help you in divorce court?

The Internet is full of apps and advice to catch your spouse doing what they shouldn’t be doing. So-called “Catch a Cheater” apps, spyware apps, and GPS apps that can track a cell phone without your spouse knowing all have the same goal: finding out what your husband or wife is doing and where he or she is at any given moment. Apps such as Copy9 allow you to spy on your spouse’s text messages, phone calls, and more. Cheating Spouse Tracker and similar apps are can be accurate when giving details of your spouse’s exact location on Google Maps. You may feel compelled to put these apps in place if you suspect infidelity, but ultimately, they will not help in a courtroom. Telling someone that you found lipstick on a collar doesn’t prove anything, just as a cheater app doesn’t provide indisputable proof that your spouse is actually cheating. It may be enough proof for you, but courts have a different standard of evidence to meet. Additionally, you may land yourself inlegal issues as to the legality of installing software on another persons phone.

The information obtained from using such an app is the same as pulling cell phone records, which means it doesn’t mean a whole lot in an actual courtroom. It may confirm your suspicion, but it doesn’t prove infidelity and will not hold up in court as physical proof that cheating happened. If you truly want hard evidence that your wife or husband is cheating on you, there are better ways to catch a cheater.  Hiring a good private investigator will go much further in providing indisputable proof of infidelity.

Veteran Great Neck NY private investigator Darrin Giglio said, “There is nothing as convincing as video/photographic evidence coupled with non-biased eyewitness testimony from an investigator when it comes to court. Information obtained from a PI stands up in court because it’s actual physical video or photographic proof.” Information obtained from cheater apps will most likely hurt your case, get you in trouble and not help it, so it’s always best to call in a professional if you see signs of cheating.

Private investigators can give you what an app cannot: photographs, eyewitness accounts, and details on exactly how and who a spouse is spending his or her time. If you plan to use evidence of infidelity in a court of law, you better hire a private investigator to obtain surveillance that can determine the exact nature of a relationship between two people or provide unquestionable proof of infidelity. Catch a cheater apps are for amateurs, but a professional can get you what you need for divorce court.

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